Double Cup Panel Lifter

Our standard double suction cup lifter has two black 4" rubber cups mounted on a hard PVC handle. This lifter is used to lift panels out of the under structure far enough to allow for manual removal.

Double suction cup lifters remove panels quickly and extend the life of your floor. We recommend one lifter and one hanger for every 500 square feet of flooring. Having the proper lifting device handy eliminates using improper methods to lift panels (screwdrivers, plungers, knives) and prolongs the life of your panels. Using a lifter holder provides a convenient place to store your panel lifter.

Almost all woodcore and steel panels can be lifted using the standard 4 inch cup lifter. Remember that any lifter that you might use is only for lifting. Do not attempt to move any panel with a lifter attached. Panel lifters are used to lift the panels only to allow for manual handling.


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