Aluminium Panel
POWERFLOOR aluminium panels are die-casting with aluminium ingot, which are light and handy and with strong anti-corrosion. It is designed with construction theory, which breaks through traditional thought and is with stronger loading performance. In order to meet various needs of clean room, we can supply 20% open-ratio perforated panel or 50% open-ratio grating panel. Pedestal tube is designed with rib inside. Hence, 750mm high pedestal can reach 6,500kg axial loading to meet tendency of high loading.

Aluminium panel c/w understructure Rigid grid system Bottom surface Top surface

Model : PA1250
Surface : Vinyl tile
Ingredient : Aluminium
Size : 600mm × 600mm × 50mm
Height : 100mm – 1000mm
Applications : - Clean room
- Power plant

Model Concentrated Load Uniform Load Rolling Load (N) Impact Load Ultimate Load
  lbs/in2 KN/m2 10 passes 10000 passes KN N
PA-1250 1250 14 5560 4450 0.6 22240

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